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Support SARA, become a patron of the arts

Why Support SARA

There is limited access to training in traditional, realistic drawing and painting, as the overwhelming majority of art schools throughout the world focus upon modern conceptual art. The Swedish Academy of Realist Art (SARA) is one of only two academies in Sweden teaching students the skills that enable them to create contemporary works of art that exhibit a level of expertise and craftsmanship comparable to the highest standards set centuries ago. SARA’s traditional drawing and painting program is an essential supplement to the mainstream art curriculum of academies in Sweden and throughout the world.

However, SARA receives no public funding and relies solely upon tuition fees to cover all operational expenses. Additionally, SARA students have not had equal access to the same student aid that subsidies the tuition for most Swedish students in comparable programs. As a result, our educational programs are both underfunded and uniquely expensive for students. Helping SARA with additional funding will contribute greatly to SARA’s ability to provide its unique and important fine arts education.

Friends of SARA

To become a member of Friends of SARA, please contact the school. You’ll be added to our mailing list and kept current of SARA news and public events, such as open houses and special lectures. Be involved through social media if you choose and be sure to attend SARA events when you have an opportunity. If you would like to play a more active part, there are many opportunities to help SARA in practical ways by volunteering your time or skills. Perhaps you like to arrange parties and could help us out at an event, or you have knowledge in computer skills, or maybe you could take a lonesome student under your wings and have them over in your home for a simple dinner now and then. Anything and everything can be of value and add to the sense of community!

Individual Supporters

If you have the possibility to contribute economically, 100% of the support received goes to The SARA Foundation, a non-profit organisation that aims to provide financial and practical support to the current academic program of SARA, student scholarships and projects associated with the development of SARA. The SARA Foundation seeks funding that will offset increases in student tuition, support elements of the SARA curriculum that are currently unsustainable, as well as fund our public educational programs. 

Foundation Partners

Foundations can play an instrumental role across SARA programs through general support, student scholarships or supporting new initiatives. SARA will work closely with foundations to identify the programs and opportunities that suit their philanthropic goals. SARA recognizes foundation support in publications and other forums, as appropriate. Please e-mail or call +46 (0)414-68 44 71 to discuss funding opportunities or to request a proposal.

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