2020 Summer Workshops

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Figure Drawing Workshop

29 June - 3 July 2020

6 July - 10 July 2020 

Drawing the figure realistically and beautifully from life is complex but wonderful challenge. In this course, students will gain an understanding of proportions, structure and composition. Focus will also be placed on the three-dimensionality of the figure and understanding how the mechanics of the body work in a dynamic and constructive way.

Students will work with short gesture poses and also with a long pose, using pencil, charcoal and chalk. The teacher will adapt the instruction to each student’s level of knowledge.


You can choose to do one week or two weeks of this course.

Teacher: Theodora Capat


Landscape Painting

6 - 10 July 2020

Österlen is known for its beautiful scenery and in this five-day workshop

we will paint at some of the most stunning locations. While a pretty

landscape is inspiring it is not what makes a great painting. During the

workshop we will focus on how to compose the landscape around us into a pleasing and compelling image. Focus will be on how to simplify nature and how to create a strong shape design and mood for your paintings. Critiques will be given throughout the day.

Still Life Painting

29 June - 3 July 2020

Still life painting is one of the core components of a classical painters’ training. Students will be guided through the different stages of creating a still life painting from setting up the composition and blocking it in, all the way to completion. Students will also get an insight into accuracy in drawing and how to create a real sense of form and depth through correct values and modeling. Color theory and pigments will be discussed as well as mediums.  The teacher will give individual and group critiques, as well as hands-on instruction and demonstrations.

Teacher: Sanna Tomac

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