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SARA is officially recognised by the Swedish National Board of Education and the education is overseen by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education (Myndigheten för Yrkeshögskolan). Our three year program Traditionell Realistisk Konstnärsutbildning KK0004 (Traditional Realistic Drawing and Painting) is approved for CSN. To apply for CSN please visit the official site:



Student Loans for Nordic Countries



LÍN: grants funds to students who study at SARA. One requirement is for the agency to see that the studies are going well. Therefore, LÍN does not usually grant loans until the student has shown some results. Most Icelandic students take a bank loan for the first term, which they then reimburse with the money the get from LÍN after the term is over.

The loan covers both living costs and the tuition.

Here is the link to their website:

We have had students from Iceland several times.



Norway grants students loans and student subsidies through Lånekassen ( It will not cover all expenses but it’s supposed to cover both the tuition and living costs. It is paid out twice yearly. Once in August/ September and once in December/January.

It’s relatively easy to apply and be grated a loan for studies at SARA.


SU abroad

SARA is on the way to be on the SU Fast Track list. Provided that we are accepted in the Danish system, students from Denmark will be able to take a loan to cover living costs and tuition. Until it is ready, you can contact SU and tell them about your wish to study at SARA, it might speed things up!

Danish SU is a taxable grant – with the option of taking an additional loan. In other words, the student can be granted a certain amount of money as educational support. The size of the amount depends on the type of education the student is undertaking, as well as the students age and living conditions. For the grants amounts, read more here

The grant and loan are intended to cover living expenses as well as expenses in relation to study material such as books etc. It is not intended to cover tuition fees, since there – with very few exceptions – are no tuition fees to be paid in Danish higher educational institutions.

If a student wants to study at an institution where there are tuition fees, e.g. at educational institutions abroad, the student can apply for a scholarship for studies abroad, intended to cover (part of) tuition fees. For details on the scholarship for studies abroad, see A further condition for receiving SU for a study program abroad is, that the program has been approved on the Fast Track list.

The student is usually granted SU for the duration of his/her educational program – though with a maximum limit of 6 years (70 months) within Nordic countries, and 4 years (48 months) when studying outside of the Nordic countries.

The grant and loan are paid on a monthly basis.

In addition to the grant, the student can also apply for a State loan – the State loans amounts are specified in

Student Loans for Other Countries

France and Italy

Student loans are processed through banks.


SARA is an ARC approved school.

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