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Lindsey as Eve - Elsa Thunander, Spring 2023 copy.jpg

Welcome to open Kroki

Spring 2024!

2024: 25th of January - 30th of May

Time: 17.30 - 19.30

The Kroki sessions lasts for two hours. Typically starting with a 20 min Gesture/warm up session and after that the model holds the same pose for the reminder of the session, allowing participants to correct and refine their drawings.

Participating in the kroki sessions is a wonderful and inspiring way to take part in the creativity and stimulating environment of SARA while working alongside SARA students. All skill levels are welcome and all styles of drawings are encouraged. 


Drop-In class costs 90 kr (or 400 kr for 5 sessions). Tea/coffee is free. 

If you would like to be updated on any changes to the normal schedule, please send the school an email requesting to be added to our kroki (figure drawing) database:

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