Student Housing

Listed below are some websites for finding housing in Simrishamn. Most, if not all of the sites, can be translated into English, depending on your computer. The majority of our students have found accommodations within walking distance of the school, or perhaps a short bike ride away. The prices range from 2500 – 4500 SEK/month. If you need assistance in finding a place to live, please let us know and we will help and advise you in your search.

Most students enjoy living in Simrishamn and appreciate the calmer lifestyle, as well as the fact that they can walk to school and get every basic need taken care of within their neighborhood. However, some students prefer living in larger towns, and have even chosen to commute from Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, so it is all up to personal preferences. 

We recommend that you place an ad at, in your search for accommodation. Click on the sign “Place an ad” (in swedish, “Lägg in annons”). Choose the area “Skåne”, and “Simrishamn” when selecting where you are searching for accommodation. The ad costs appr. 125 SEK incl. VAT, and is visible for 2 months.

Another place to advertise your need of living space is on Facebook. There are two different facebook groups that are great for this purpose:


Housing Websites:

SBF, Svenska bostadsfonden (appartments in Simrishamn):

All apartments are unfurnished. Contact them at:

Private landlords, with both furnished and unfurnished accommodations. Contact Håkan Erlandsson on: +4670-9414100, or, for more information.

Accommodation in Ystad:

Hostel in Gröstorp, for temporary accommodation: