Etching Workshop


As an Etching Workshop participant, you will be introduced to the intaglio techniques of etching, dry point and aquatint, and use them to create your own etching from a copper plate. You will be guided through the process of etching all the way from transferring the initial drawing to the plate, etching and inking the plate, to finally pulling a print through the press by hand. 

Create a new drawing to make into an etching, or use a drawing you have created before. Keep in mind that etchings are primarily created though lines, and drawn on the plate with a needle, so the most suitable drawings are line drawings and those modeled with hatching or stippling. If you wish to make an etching from an existing drawing, please bring it to the workshop. You may want to bring several drawings to choose from. Be aware that not all drawings may be suitable to etch given the limited time and scope of the workshop. Ideally, drawings should be the same size or slightly smaller, than the copper plate. The copper plate you will be using measures 24cm x 17cm.

All the materials and tools needed to produce your etching will be provided. The etched copper plate, prints and proofs are yours to keep. 


Artist, and co-founder of SARA, Hans-Peter Szameit, will lead the workshop.

Class size is limited to ten students. 

Materials are provided.


Materials included:

- Copper plate

- Paper for 12 prints (including proofs)

         - additional paper may be purchased separately if needed or       


- All other tools and materials necessary for etching your plate.

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