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The tuition fee is *130,000 SEK (Swedish kronor) per academic year, or *65.000 SEK per semester.

Upon acceptance, you will be requested to confirm your place with a non-refundable deposit of 5,000 SEK (Swedish Kronor) by money transfer. The deposit will be deducted from your tuition fee.

Students accepted to the Traditionell realistisk konstnärsutbildning KK0004 (Traditional Realistic Drawing and Painting) course may apply for full CSN  (B1 Studiemedel).


Students admitted to the 3 year program are committed for the full program (three academic years).  Students admitted to a 1 year program are committed to one academic year. 

This means that enrollment is binding, but may be withdrawn in accordance with the regulations concerning the right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal means that as a first time student, you can withdraw your application by sending written notification to SARA 2 months before the start of term and your studies. Tuition refunds will only be given if we receive notice by this date. If you fail to cancel enrollment by this date, or you terminate your studies once the term has started, we will charge you the total course fee. 

For students that has started their training but decided that they do not want to conclude their studies, you have the right to cancel your enrollment for the upcoming term in connection with the admission deadline for that term. Cancellation of your space needs to be done in writing by this date. After this deadline, your enrollment is binding for the upcoming term. 

If you end your participation in a course due to illness, supported by a medical certificate, or other personal emergency, you may be reimbursed for the unutilized portion of the course fee, minus a 10% deduction to cover administrative costs.  All refunds must be requested in writing. 

See our School Policy for more information on tuition fees.

*Subject to annual increase

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