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Apply now for Fall 2024



3-year program:

Traditional Realistic Drawing and Painting KK0004

1-year programs:

Traditional Realist Drawing Techniques ET0010

Intermediate Realist Drawing and Painting Techniques ET0011

Advanced Realist Painting Techniques ET0012

All prospective students are welcome to apply to any of our programs.

For student visa application purposes, it is recommended that students from non-EU

countries apply to our one-year programs.

If you need to apply for a VISA we recommend you to apply

at least six months before start of term.

Send your application form via email to:

or by post to:

The Swedish Academy of Realist Art SARA
Lilla Norregatan 17
272 31 Simrishamn

Application forms
Requirements & Acceptance


Admission Requirements,

Selection and Acceptance

Applicants should have completed a high school level education and be at least 18 years of age in the year of enrollment. Selection is made by members of the admissions board. Typically, a successful applicant is passionate about SARA’s method of training and will also display a certain level of natural talent/aptitude. The admissions board reserves the right to waive some of the admissions requirements in exceptional cases. The admissions board consists of the Director, Artistic Director, Headmaster, a teacher and one advanced student.

It is very important to us that applicants are certain that the education and training offered by SARA is what they want.  Ours is a unique fine-art education that does not suit everyone, so we ask all applicants to read through the website carefully to gain a clear understanding of the education offered by SARA.  Furthermore, applicants are encouraged to visit the school personally, if possible, and talk to students and faculty.  It is important to us that each student integrates well into the student body and that the student group functions well together as a whole. It is up to each applicant to convince the selection board of their suitability as a student and that they would be a positive addition to the student body.  Therefore, applicants are encouraged to keep this fact in mind when completing their application form and to give thoughtful answers.  We often encounter people expressing doubts about applying, because they fear their skill level is not good enough to be accepted.  No one considering studying at SARA should hesitate to apply due to his or her lack of skill.  The decision of whether or not to accept an applicant is based on the answers to questions on the application form as well as the quality of the applicant’s submitted artwork.  Visit our Before and After gallery to see the development of our students.  If you have any questions. please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Special requirements for qualification to 1-year programs ET0011 and ET0012:


The applicant must show an interest in art and through approved work samples show an artistic ability. The applicant must also be able to demonstrate relatively advanced prerequisites in drawing, similar to that which one year of academic realistic art studies would provide.


The applicant must show a strong commitment and interest in realistic art and through approved work samples show an artistic ability. The applicant must be able to demonstrate relatively advanced prerequisites in drawing and painting. 

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