Three-year full-time Realism Program

Traditionell realistisk konstnärsutbildning – Traditional Realistic Drawing and Painting KK0004

Below you can read the basic program that all students follow.  To get in depth information about the education and each different subject, please study the information here. To see example of student work, go to the galleries and select the subject you are interested in.  Since each individual student has different needs, strengths and weaknesses they will naturally develop at their own pace and progress through the program at varying speeds.  Based upon their individual needs, some students may be required to execute more or less exercises than are required of others. This is perfectly normal. The recommended course program for SARA students is as follows:

Year 1 – Intensive Drawing 40 weeks

3 copies of Charles Bargue lithographs in pencil

1 charcoal copy of a Charles Bargue lithograph

4 cast drawings, charcoal on white paper

4 figure drawings, charcoal on white paper

A large number of figure/portrait drawings and sketches in pencil and charcoal

1 copy of and Old Master figure drawing in charcoal

Year 2 – Drawing/Painting 40 weeks

2 cast drawings, charcoal and chalk on toned paper

5 cast paintings in grisaille (black & white)

3 simple limited-color exercises

4 figure drawings, charcoal and chalk on toned paper

2 figure paintings in grisaille

1 copy of Master figure painting limited palette

A large variety of drawings and sketches in pencil, charcoal, chalk and oil paint

Year 3 – Advanced Painting 40 weeks

6 Still lifes

3 figure painting, limited palette

3 figure paintings, full palette

3 Portrait paintings, full palette

Creativity and composition project

A large variety of drawings and sketches in pencil, charcoal, chalk and oil paint

1 copy of a portrait painting

Students will also work on exercises and attend workshops or lectures focusing on creativity, anatomy, sculpture, art-history, art materials and the business of being a professional artist, as well as a number of short, intense, time-limited projects during the three years of their education.

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