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We are looking forward to start with our evening courses as soon as we have enough participants.

The preparatory evening course is designed for those people who intend to become students of SARA in the future and would like to get a head start in the program. It is also suitable for those who are simply interested in experiencing structured art training to improve their drawing skills. It is not necessary to take the preparatory evening course before applying to become a full time student of SARA, but enrollment in the course or the previous completion of the evening course is considered an advantage in the application process.

The preparatory evening course takes students through the first part of the standard training program of SARA.   They will be introduced to the comparative method of drawing which will help them to train their eyes to accurately see shapes and values as well as line and edge quality.

During the course, students will copy a few small drawings in pencil and, if they have the time, one larger drawing in charcoal. These drawings were produced by Charles Bargue (1825-1883) in a publication called Cours de dessin (Drawing Course), which was designed to assist beginning students learn to draw objects and figures realistically and accurately from life.  This course prepares students for working well and correctly from the cast and live model.

Examples of student copies of Bargue drawings can be found in the Bargue Copies gallery.

The training is adapted to each individual student so the exact structure of the curriculum will depend upon the experience and aptitude of the individual. Likewise, the pace at which a student progresses through the preparatory program will vary depending upon the individual.

The duration of the course is 13 sessions/semester.
The cost is 5000 SEK (including 1000 SEK VAT)

If you are interested, please send a mail to info@swedishacademyofrealistart.se


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