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white beachThe Academy is located in the South of Sweden (Skåne) in the beautiful costal town of Simrishamn.  Simrishamn is situated in the region of Österlen, which is famous for it’s outstanding natural beauty and artistic tradition – having the highest density of working artists in Northern Europe.  The landscape features amazing beaches with white sand and clear water, in many places reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast. The school is located just a few minutes from the beach, where it is possible to walk for hours in both directions, unhindered.  In fact, there is an amazing footpath connected to Simrishamn called Skåneleden, which is actually over 1100 kilometers long!   Walking north from Simrishamn, you will pass through beautiful Stenshuvud national park, and to the south, the ancient and mysterious monument of Ales Stenar and the charming city of Ystad.

Ales stenar

Österlen is famous for it’s rolling hills, the intense yellow rapeseed fields in May, and its incredibly abundant apple orchards.  Brösarps backar is another beautiful place nearby that must be visited, and a popular destination for our landscape painters.  Skåne has its own climate zone, having short, mild winters and longer spring and fall seasons. Österlen is frequently called the Provence of Sweden, and really does feel more like mid-Europe than Sweden.      
Göran Gustafson_österlen

Simrishamn offers SARA and its students many benefits, including a close proximity to continental Europe and a lower cost of living than in larger cities.  Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, is 1.5 hours away by train, the university city of Kristianstad is an hour away by bus, and closer still is the beautiful city of Ystad, just 40 minutes by train, from which you can take a short ferry ride to the continent.


Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, with its well connected international airport, is just under 2 hours by train. Copenhagen has a treasure trove of museums perfect for realistic art students. The Carlsberg Glyptotek hosts an enormous collection of sculptures (as well as fine paintings) and is an inspiring place to go to sketch. The National Gallery of Denmark’s collection of art is world-class, and The Hirschsprung Collection, housing masterpieces of Denmark’s golden age of painting (the 19th century), are just two more museums worth regular visits to gather inspiration and keep your artistic standards high.

Finally, students express that living here has unexpected positive aspects.  They find the laid back lifestyle of the community results in less distraction, and therefore they have more time and energy to focus on their studies and personal work.  Also, the fact that most live within short walking distance to the school means there is no commute, saving them time and eliminating stress.


The academy is located in a beautiful 19th-century building in the centre of town at Lilla Norregatan 17, Simrishamn.

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The Swedish Academy of Realist Art (SARA)      Lilla Norregatan 17     272 31 Simrishamn, Sweden     +46 (0)414 68 44 71

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