Equality Plan

Atelier Stockholm, The Swedish Academy of Realist Art values the diversity of individual talents and creative potential that every student and faculty member can bring to the school. We recognize that we have the duty to ensure that everyone who enters the school building has a right to be treated in a fair and equitable way.

  • To achieve this we pledge to respect equal human rights of all our students.
  • We shall also respect the equal rights of our staff and other members of the community.
  • In particular we will comply with relevant legislation and implement school policies and plans in relation to race and religious equality, disability equality and gender equality.
  • Our plan is founded on the Swedish Discrimination Act 2008:567.


The management team is responsible for:

  • Making sure the school complies with relevant equality legislation and for ensuring that the school’s Equality Plan and its procedures are followed.
  • Making sure our Equality Plan is available and that the governors, staff, pupils and their parents are aware of the content.
  • Ensuring that all employees know their responsibilities and receive support in carrying these out.
  • Taking appropriate action in cases of harassment and discrimination, including racist and homophobic bullying and bullying related to gender or disability.
  • Ensuring that all employees are hired based on ability and aptitude only.

The Faculty and employees are responsible for:

  • Dealing with and reporting racist, homophobic and other hate incidents.
  • Being able to recognize and tackle bias and stereotyping.
  • Promoting equal opportunities and good race relations.
  • Avoiding discrimination against anyone for reasons of ethnicity, disability, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Keeping up to date with the laws on discrimination.

Monitoring Equality

We will:

  • Assess and monitor the impact of our race equality policies and action plans, in particular the attainment levels of pupils from different groups publishing these to all relevant groups.
  • Record racist incidents and report them to the relevant authorities.
  • Outline how the school fulfils its general and specific duties in relation to gender equality and disability equality.


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