Alcohol- and drug use policy

Alcohol and Drug policy for staff and students at S.A.R.A.

Work and study cannot be combined with the consumption of alcohol or other drugs.

Use of alcohol or other drugs outside working hours must not affect safety, efficiency and job satisfaction.

If problems occur with the use / abuse of alcohol or other drugs, it is important to quickly and professionally handle this.

S.A.R.A has no tolerance towards drugs. No drugs may be kept in the school building. Drugs and doping substances, which are not prescribed by doctors, are prohibited drugs and are not permitted in our school.

Examples of early signals of abuse can be:

  • deteriorating performance
  • school dropout
  • signs of drunkenness or hangover in an educational context
  • Absence
  • aggressiveness, mood swings.
  • Decline in, or uneven work performance
  • difficulty to suit the times
  • irritability, erratic in mood
  • repeated short-term absence, in particular for the weekends or holidays
  • vacation or other leave is told on short notice, or afterwards.

A healthy and safe environment should prevail at S.A.R.A.

Anyone who feels that a fellow employee or student has alcohol or drug problem, should as soon as possible inform the directors. If a student is suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the teacher or fellow student should report this to the directors immediately. And employees or students who observe that a teacher is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, should act by immediately inform the directors. The directors will talk to the person concerned. To remain silent out of loyalty can contribute to further abuse.

The disciplinary measures are warning or suspension.

It must also be judged to be a considerable risk that the student or teacher may harm another person, or valuable property in the school.

A decision can be made about expulsion, and means that the student may not continue ongoing education, and that a teacher may not continue work at S.A.R.A. In cases of abuse in the workplace, various labor law consequences become relevant due to abuse nature. No salary, or sick leave can be given on the day of abuse on the workplace.

S.A.R.A should be a workplace where there is openness and cooperation, in which everyone feels comfortable and appreciated – and where it is hard to hide abuse.

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